Unlocking Her Pleasure: Understanding the Art of Female Orgasm

In his groundbreaking book, “She Comes First”, acclaimed sex therapist Ian Kerner dismantles traditional notions of female pleasure and presents a revolutionary guide to understanding and satisfying women intimately. By emphasizing the importance of clitoral stimulation and prioritizing women’s pleasure during sexual encounters, Kerner invites readers on a transformative journey to becoming expert lovers. As a licensed psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author, Ian Kerner combines his expertise in sexuality with extensive research to provide an enlightening and empowering perspective on female pleasure. Through his pioneering work, he aims to empower men to explore new avenues of sexual satisfaction, fostering deeper emotional connections and more fulfilling relationships.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction of the book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner introduces the concept of prioritizing female pleasure and promoting mutual satisfaction in sexual relationships. Kerner challenges the conventional notion that male sexual pleasure should be the primary focus, arguing that understanding and enhancing female pleasure is essential for a healthy sexual relationship.

The chapter begins by acknowledging the cultural history that has perpetuated a male-centric approach to sex, resulting in female pleasure often being overlooked or undervalued. Kerner shares personal anecdotes and experiences to emphasize the importance of addressing this issue. He explains that his goal is to debunk myths and ignite a sexual revolution that places women’s satisfaction at the forefront.

Kerner then delves into the physiology of female pleasure, providing a basic understanding of the clitoris, which he refers to as the “Midas Touch” of female sexuality. He emphasizes its crucial role in achieving orgasm and highlights the need for focusing on clitoral stimulation during sexual activities.

Furthermore, the author discusses common misconceptions about female sexuality, such as the belief that women are not as sexually driven as men or that penetrative sex alone is enough to satisfy them. Kerner promotes the concept of extended foreplay and oral sex as essential components of sexual encounters, encouraging men to prioritize their partner’s pleasure over their own.

In conclusion, the introduction of “She Comes First” challenges traditional notions of male-centered sexuality and advocates for a more inclusive and pleasure-centered approach. Kerner argues that by prioritizing female pleasure and understanding the intricacies of the clitoris, couples can achieve a more fulfilling and harmonious sexual relationship.

Chapter 2: Female Sexual Anatomy

Chapter 2 of “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner focuses on understanding female sexual anatomy. Kerner aims to provide men with a comprehensive understanding of the female body to enhance their ability to pleasure their partners.

The chapter begins by discussing the importance of addressing the imbalance in sexual satisfaction between men and women. Kerner emphasizes that by prioritizing a woman’s pleasure, men can strengthen their own relationships and experience greater satisfaction as a result.

Kerner then delves into the specifics of female sexual anatomy. He explains that the clitoris is the center of a woman’s sexual pleasure, as it contains thousands of nerve endings solely dedicated to pleasure. By stimulating the clitoris, men can bring intense pleasure to their partners. Kerner recommends using gentle, indirect pressure as direct pressure can be overwhelming for some women.

Furthermore, Kerner explores the clitoral hood and its role in protecting the clitoris. Understanding how to properly manipulate the hood can enhance pleasure during sexual encounters.

In addition to the clitoris, Kerner discusses the importance of the G-spot. He dispels common misconceptions surrounding its location and provides techniques for stimulating it effectively. Kerner also mentions the A-spot, located deeper within the vagina, as another potential source of pleasure for women.

Lastly, the chapter emphasizes the significance of open communication between partners. Kerner encourages men to engage in honest conversations about sexual preferences, desires, and boundaries. This dialogue fosters a deeper level of trust, ensuring both partners’ needs are met.

In summary, Chapter 2 of “She Comes First” educates men on the female sexual anatomy, highlighting the clitoris as the primary source of pleasure. It emphasizes techniques for stimulation, addresses misconceptions about the G-spot and introduces the A-spot. Furthermore, the chapter stresses the importance of open communication to create a mutually satisfying sexual experience.

Chapter 3: The Art of Oral Sex

Chapter 3: The Art of Oral Sex from the book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner delves into the intricacies of pleasuring a woman through oral sex. Kerner emphasizes the importance of this act in satisfying a woman’s needs and desires, challenging the male-centric view of sexual encounters.

The chapter begins by outlining the cultural and historical contexts, which have often overlooked women’s pleasure in favor of male satisfaction. Kerner highlights the shift in focus to prioritizing female pleasure, as research reveals that clitoral stimulation is key to female orgasm. He emphasizes that the clitoris is the primary organ responsible for pleasure, with its complex network of nerve endings.

Kerner provides a detailed guide for performing oral sex, encouraging men to approach it with patience, skill, and enthusiasm. He emphasizes the importance of building comfort and intimacy with a partner, establishing open communication about desires and preferences. The author advocates for clitoral stimulation as the main focus, explaining various techniques such as gentle licking, using the tip of the tongue, or circling motions around the clitoris. Kerner advises using the right amount of pressure and rhythm to maximize pleasure.

Additionally, Kerner advises men to be mindful of their partner’s reactions, paying attention to her body language and vocalizations to gauge what brings her the most pleasure. He encourages experimentation and exploration to discover what works best for each individual woman. The chapter also includes suggestions for incorporating manual stimulation or other forms of pleasure, highlighting the importance of variety and creativity.

Overall, Chapter 3 of “She Comes First” provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to performing oral sex, giving men the tools and knowledge to prioritize their partner’s pleasure and achieve mutual satisfaction.

Chapter 4: The Pre-Game

She Comes First by Ian Kerner

Chapter 4 of “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner is titled “The Pre-Game” and focuses on the importance of building anticipation and excitement before engaging in sexual activities. Kerner emphasizes the need for men to understand the concept of foreplay and create an environment where their partner feels desired and appreciated.

The chapter begins by highlighting the common misconception about foreplay: that it is merely a prelude to intercourse. Kerner argues that foreplay should be considered the main event, as it allows for both partners to explore each other’s bodies and build arousal gradually. He stresses the importance of taking the time to engage in manual and oral stimulation, as these techniques often lead to better and more satisfying orgasms for women.

Kerner then goes on to emphasize the power of seduction and how men can cultivate desire in their partner. He suggests initiating intimate encounters with non-sexual activities such as cuddling, giving massages, or engaging in deep conversations. By creating an emotional and intimate connection, men can ensure that women feel valued and desired, leading to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

The author also addresses the issue of premature ejaculation and provides techniques for men to last longer in bed. Kerner suggests a combination of mental and physical exercises, such as approaching sex with a relaxed mindset and practicing certain breathing techniques.

Overall, Chapter 4 of “She Comes First” prompts men to prioritize their partner’s pleasure, focus on building anticipation and arousal through foreplay, and create a safe and intimate space where both partners can fully enjoy and explore each other’s bodies.

Chapter 5: The First Touch

Chapter 5: The First Touch of the book She Comes First by Ian Kerner delves into the importance of the clitoris in female pleasure and provides guidance on how to incorporate clitoral stimulation into sexual encounters.

The author begins by emphasizing that the clitoris is the primary organ responsible for female sexual pleasure. He explains that it has twice the number of nerve endings as the penis, and its sole purpose is to bring pleasure to women. Kerner emphasizes that understanding and prioritizing clitoral stimulation is essential for satisfying sexual experiences.

The chapter then describes various techniques for clitoral stimulation, such as the ‘knoll and swirl,’ ‘triangle breathing,’ and ‘clitoral circle.’ These techniques involve using the fingers or tongue to gently and rhythmically stimulate the clitoral area, either in a circular motion or with a specific pattern. Kerner highlights the importance of communication and feedback from the woman, as every individual may have different preferences and levels of sensitivity.

Kerner also stresses the value of extending foreplay and maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to create sufficient arousal before direct clitoral stimulation. He suggests incorporating non-genital touch, such as kissing, caressing, and massaging, to promote overall relaxation and pleasure.

The chapter concludes by emphasizing that mastering clitoral stimulation is crucial for creating a satisfying sexual experience for women. Kerner encourages men to prioritize the clitoris, as it is the key to unlocking female pleasure and orgasm. Understanding and focusing on clitoral stimulation can lead to enhanced sexual satisfaction for both partners.

In summary, Chapter 5 of She Comes First emphasizes the significance of the clitoris in female pleasure and provides practical guidance on incorporating clitoral stimulation into sexual encounters. The chapter highlights various techniques, the importance of communication, extended foreplay, and relaxation techniques to enhance overall sexual satisfaction.

Chapter 6: The Second Touch

In Chapter 6 of the book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner, titled “The Second Touch,” the author delves into the importance of incorporating manual stimulation into sexual encounters to enhance a woman’s pleasure and lead to orgasm. Kerner highlights the fact that many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and understanding how to provide this stimulation is key to sexual satisfaction for both partners.

The chapter begins by focusing on the use of hands and fingers to explore a woman’s body through non-genital touch, allowing both partners to become familiar with each other’s erogenous zones. Kerner emphasizes the significance of communication during this process, as verbal cues and feedback from the woman guide the man in understanding what works best for her.

Kerner then introduces the concept of the “second touch,” which involves shifting the focus from direct clitoral stimulation to stimulating the surrounding areas, such as the clitoral hood and the mons pubis. This change in approach helps to build arousal and allows for a greater range of sensations. The author provides techniques for varying pressure, speed, and rhythmic patterns, encouraging experimentation to find what brings the most pleasure.

Additionally, Kerner discusses the G-spot and its potential role in achieving female orgasm. He suggests that manual stimulation can be used to locate and stimulate this erogenous zone, leading to intense pleasure and even female ejaculation in some cases.

The chapter concludes by stressing the importance of patience, practice, and open communication between partners to ensure sexual satisfaction. Kerner emphasizes that understanding a woman’s unique anatomy and preferences enables couples to enrich their sexual experiences and create a more fulfilling and pleasurable intimate connection.

Chapter 7: The Third Touch

Chapter 7 of “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner is titled “The Third Touch” and discusses the importance of incorporating manual stimulation into sexual experiences, particularly focusing on clitoral stimulation.

Kerner begins by emphasizing that manual stimulation is a fundamental aspect of pleasuring a woman and should not be overlooked or overshadowed by other sexual activities. He explains that the clitoris is a highly sensitive organ that plays a crucial role in female pleasure and orgasm.

The chapter explores various techniques and strategies for effectively stimulating the clitoris. Kerner suggests using different types of touches such as delicate strokes, circular motions, and gentle pressure to find the techniques that feel most pleasurable for the woman. He stresses the significance of communicating and listening to the woman’s feedback to ensure the stimulation is enjoyable and satisfying.

Kerner also provides guidance on the importance of relaxation and creating a comfortable environment for manual stimulation to occur. He encourages men to be patient, attentive, and to take their time during this intimate act. The chapter also addresses the use of lubricants, which can enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort during manual stimulation.

Moreover, Kerner highlights the idea of combining manual stimulation with other forms of sexual activity, such as oral sex or intercourse, to create a more fulfilling sexual experience for both partners. He emphasizes that manual stimulation should be seen as a primary source of pleasure rather than a mere prelude to other activities.

In summary, Chapter 7 of “She Comes First” serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering clitoral stimulation through manual touch. It underscores the importance of prioritizing the clitoris, providing techniques for satisfying stimulation, and emphasizing open communication and receptiveness to feedback.

She Comes First by Ian Kerner

Chapter 8: Beyond Oral Sex

Chapter 8: Beyond Oral Sex of the book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner delves deeper into expanding the sexual repertoire beyond oral sex for women, with a focus on both physical and emotional stimulation.

Kerner begins by emphasizing that the goal of sexual encounters is not solely focused on the achievement of orgasm, but rather on providing pleasure and connection for both partners. He explores various techniques and approaches to enhance a woman’s experience during sex, encouraging men to explore different types of touch and stimulation to different erogenous zones before proceeding towards the genitals.

The author highlights the importance of foreplay in building anticipation and arousal for women. He suggests incorporating sensual massage, kissing, and caressing as part of a comprehensive sexual experience. By taking time to explore a woman’s body, men can discover what sensations and touches bring her pleasure, creating more fulfilling intimacy.

Furthermore, Kerner discusses the concept of extended orgasm, encouraging men to learn and practice techniques that can prolong a woman’s pleasure during sex. He explains the technique of “peaking,” which involves pausing stimulation just before orgasm to prevent immediate release, thereby extending heightened pleasure.

Additionally, Kerner addresses the significance of emotional connection during sex. He emphasizes the importance of communication, trust, and intimacy between partners in creating a fulfilling sexual experience. By actively listening to and engaging with their partner’s needs, desires, and boundaries, men can increase mutual satisfaction and pleasure.

Overall, Chapter 8 of “She Comes First” provides a comprehensive exploration of techniques and practices beyond oral sex, focusing on understanding a woman’s body, extending pleasure, and cultivating emotional connection. It invites readers to create an environment of exploration, communication, and pleasure, ultimately leading to enhanced sexual experiences for both partners.

After Reading

In conclusion, She Comes First by Ian Kerner is a groundbreaking guide that challenges conventional notions of male-centered sexuality and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing women’s pleasure. By debunking common myths and providing practical techniques, Kerner empowers men to become skilled and considerate lovers. Through the framework of the “She Comes First” philosophy, readers are encouraged to embrace the value of foreplay, oral sex, and communication in creating mutually satisfying sexual experiences. This book serves as an essential resource for anyone interested in improving their understanding of female pleasure and fostering healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships.

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3. “Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century” by Barbara Carrellas

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4. “Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship” by David Schnarch, PhD

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5. “The Guide to Getting It On” by Paul Joannides

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