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Unconditional Parenting: Nurturing Resilient and Authentic Individuals

Unconditional Parenting

In “Unconditional Parenting,” Alfie Kohn challenges traditional principles of child-rearing and introduces a revolutionary approach to parenting based on respect, trust, and empathy. Rejecting punishment, rewards, and control as ineffective and detrimental, Kohn advocates for a deeper understanding of children’s needs and development. Throughout the book, he explores the misconceptions around parenting techniques and offers …

Challenging the Efficacy of Rewards in Punished by Rewards

Punished by Rewards

In his thought-provoking book “Punished by Rewards,” acclaimed author Alfie Kohn challenges the prevalent belief that rewards are effective methods of motivation and behavior management. Kohn critically examines the widespread use of rewards, such as grades, bonuses, and praise, and argues that they do more harm than good in various spheres of life, from education …